IceBox Collective: press

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EU @ SxSW: Artist Panel
"Can Art Change The World"

IceBox Collective artist Courtney Applequist's discusses art activism and her 24ft interactive mural, Bodies of Disregard, addressing ocean degradation. The piece, installed for the EU House used imagery built with the visual language of “doodling”, to invite viewers to engage with questions regarding our relationship with climate change and consumerism on both macro and micro levels; institutional, systemic, and individual.

Taxonomy of Breathing:
Published In Art Margins

Featured in MIT Press's Anniversary issue of ArtMargins, Taxonomy of Breathing is a socially conscious, multidisciplinary art project that investigates our current societal moment through the lens of breath

Moment of Interrogation

A satellite exhibition of Taxonomy of Breathing, Applequist's Moment of Interrogation isan exploration of tensions of shifting societal landscapes expressed through portraiture, experimenting with materials and scale and challenging precepts of permanence & perception.